Our History

Triton Construction ServicesTriton Construction Services, Inc. was founded on March 17, 2014. Eldwin Nickerson, Paul Fejes and myself had an idea for a construction company working for clients in the foothills with small to medium sized jobs: driveways and roads, building pads, septic systems, utilities, etc. The company would do quality work, we’d be professional, reliable, easy to work with, fair and have fun doing it.

We left our attorney’s office that morning in March with a sense of pride; we created Triton Construction Services, Inc. – a new entity that didn’t exist prior to entering that building. That was the easy part.

The next four months involved getting our contractor’s license, insurance, workers’ comp, marketing material, books set up, safety programs and then more meetings with the attorney, accountant, insurance agent, marketing firm and oh yeah – lining up work to pay for all that stuff.

Anyone that has been in business knows the drill. Long hours, concerns about cash flow, worry about the risks, the never ending list of details that need to get taken care, etc. But talk about a labor of love, looking forward to getting out of bed in the morning makes it worthwhile. The three of us made life changing decisions that affected, and will continue to affect our families. Without their support this would have never happened – so a well-deserved thank you to them for their confidence in the vision.

We never thought it would take this long to get here, but persistence paid off. As of July 10th we were officially in business and ready to work.

Our core values are simple:

  • Do Great Work
  • Be Honest
  • Have Fun

Pretty simple stuff, but it works. I’d like to say we dreamed up this particular set of values, but we didn’t. We recycled them based on a model from another company that I’ve had involvement in that was very successful and operated based by them. Although we tried to come up with an original set of values, we couldn’t do better. We hope that by operating based on these fundamentals, success will follow. So here we go…

We look forward working with you!

Triton Construction Services, Inc.

Eldwin Nickerson, Paul Fejes & Gerry LaBudde